Abrasive cloth roll for general applications such as deburring, rust removal and all general maintenance work.

Size 38mm x 50 metre rolls & 40mm x 45.7

Grits 40g - 320g

Abrasive paper rolls are a general purpose abrasive will suited to sanding wood, plastic filler, metals, paints and fibreglass.

Aluminium oxide grain, E weight paper, open coat, resin over glue bond.

Grits 36g - 320g


PPS Product Code
216177 38mm x 50mtr x 40 grit SGWW Utility Roll
216126 38mm x 50mtr x 60 grit SGWW Utility Roll
216135 38mm x 50mtr x 80 grit SGWW Utility Roll
216144 38mm x 50mtr x 100 grit SGWW Utility Roll
216153 38mm x 50mtr x 120 grit SGWW Utility Roll
216162 38mm x 50mtr x 180 grit SGWW Utility Roll
216171 38mm x 50mtr x 240 grit SGWW Utility Roll
216199 38mm x 50mtr x 320 grit SGWW Utility Roll
213977 40mm x 45.7mtr x 40 grit 3M Utility Roll
213986 40mm x 45.7mtr x 60 grit 3M Utility Roll
213995 40mm x 45.7mtr x 80 grit 3M Utility Roll
214002 40mm x 45.7mtr x 100 grit 3M Utility Roll
214011 40mm x 45.7mtr x 120 grit 3M Utility Roll
214039 40mm x 45.7mtr x 150 grit 3M Utility Roll
214048 40mm x 45.7mtr x 180 grit 3M Utility Roll
214057 40mm x 45.7mtr x 240 grit 3M Utility Roll
214066 40mm x 45.7mtr x 320 grit 3M Utility Roll