Hercules, Stanley and Teng

PPS Product Code
Description Brand
256711 Ball Pein 4oz Hammer Hercules
256728 Ball Pein 8oz Hammer Hercules
256735 Ball Pein 12oz Hammer Hercules
256742 Ball Pein 16oz Hammer Hercules
256759 Ball Pein 24oz Hammer Hercules
256773 Ball Pein 48oz Hammer Hercules
140378 Ball Pein 8oz Hammer Stanley
140387 Ball Pein 12oz Hammer Stanley
140396 Ball Pein 16oz Hammer Stanley
140403 Ball Pein 24oz Hammer Stanley
140412 Ball Pein 32oz Hammer Stanley
231171 Ball Pein 12oz Hammer (HMBP12) Teng
231092 Ball Pein 16oz Hammer (HMBP16) Teng
231093 Ball Pein 24oz Hammer (HMBP24) Teng
231094 Ball Pein 32oz Hammer (HMBP32) Teng
140485 Dead Blow 21oz Hammer Stanley
140494 Dead Blow 42oz Hammer Stanley
149519 Dead Blow 52oz Hammer Stanley
240345 Dead Blow 35mm Face Hammer .3kgs (HMDH35) Teng
- Dead Blow 55mm Face Hammer .98kgs (HMDH55) Teng
240338 Engineers 300gm x 300mm Hammer (HMEG300) Teng
231095 Engineers 500gm x 320mm Hammer (HMEG500) Teng
231096 Engineers 800gm x 350mm Hammer (HMEG800) Teng
233392 Rubber / Nylon Soft Face Hammer (HMSF) Teng


THOR and Colombia

PPS Product Code
Description Brand
140649 Rubber Mallet White 54mm THOR
140651 Rubber Mallet White 64mm THOR
140653 Rubber Mallet White 74mm THOR
140661 Copper Hammer Head 32mm THOR
140663 Copper Hammer Head 38mm THOR
140665 Copper Hammer Head 44mm THOR
140667 Copper Hammer Head 50mm THOR
140617 Nylon D/E 32mm Face 1.0lb (710) Plastic Handle THOR
140626 Nylon D/E 38mm Face 1.5lb (712) Plastic Handle THOR
140635 Nylon D/E 44mm Face 2.0lb (714) Plastic Handle THOR
140644 Nylon D/E 50mm Face 3.0lb (716) Plastic Handle THOR
140580 Copper / Rawhide N°2 Wooden Handle THOR
140582 Copper / Rawhide N°3 Wooden Handle THOR
140672 Copper / Rawhide 314 N°4 Wooden Handle THOR
140645 Copper / Copper 312 N°2 Wooden Handle THOR
140647 Copper / Copper 314 N°3 Wooden Handle THOR
140675 Rawhide Hammer Head 32mm THOR
140677 Rawhide Hammer Head 38mm THOR
140679 Rawhide Hammer Head 50mm THOR
140658 Nylon Hammer Head 708 25mm WHITE NF THOR
140660 Nylon Hammer Head 710 32mm WHITE NF THOR
140662 Nylon Hammer Head 712 38mm WHITE NF THOR
140671 Nylon Hammer Head 714 44mm WHITE NF THOR
140699 Nylon Hammer Head 716 50mm WHITE NF THOR
139086 Handle, Ball Pein Hammer 10 Colombia
139095 Handle, Ball Pein Hammer 12 Colombia
139102 Handle, Ball Pein Hammer 14 Colombia
139111 Handle, Ball Pein Hammer 16 Colombia
139139 Handle, Ball Pein Hammer 18 Colombia